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Burger King Will Build Smaller 'Whopper Bar' Outlets

Burger King plans to start building Whopper Bars that will be smaller than a typical restaurant and will sell Whoppers that are not typically available at all times. Executives say they haven't finalized the menu--which will be smaller than in a regular outlet--although it could include as many as 10 types of Whoppers, such as the Western Whopper, the Texas Double Whopper and the Angry Whopper, a version topped with spicy onions.

BK plans to build Whopper Bars in places like casinos, airports and other venues with limited space. The company won't say how many it will open and where they will be. Russ Klein, Burger King's president, global marketing, strategy and innovation, says it isn't "unthinkable" that it would offer beer at the Whopper Bars, particularly in some overseas markets where it already sells alcohol.

Klein began thinking about the concept about four years ago when he visited a Burger King in Germany that knocked out the back of the restaurant and created a bar section. He says the Whopper Bar is akin to McDonald's creation of McCafe coffee bars, except that it is built around the chain's signature sandwich.



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