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Yahoo Execs Loathe Potential AOL Deal

Half-a-dozen Yahoo sources tell BoomTown's Kara Swisher that they're none too happy about the prospect of an AOL-Yahoo deal. Not only do they severely dislike the idea, they don't even like the use of it as a ploy to get Microsoft to pay more for their company: "It is a very dangerous game of chicken," said one. "And Yahoo has never been really good at that anyway."

Yahoo execs generally consider the Time Warner company "slow-moving, weak in technology and saddled with a largely dispirited staff." Said one exec: "We have enough problems without getting theirs, which are much worse. No one here, except (CEO Jerry Yang) and the board, has any enthusiasm for it." Added another: "I cannot believe they would put our amazing assets with those who we don't really respect, for the most part, and think that's okay."

To be sure, they don't really like the Microsoft idea either, but more than anything else, the fatigued and distracted Yahoo execs just want a deal to get done. "Look, Microsoft would not be my first choice either," said one exec, "but AOL is not even my third."



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