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Signs Indicate Strong Quarter For Yahoo

Following boffo first quarter results from Google last Thursday, Kara Swisher tells readers to expect a similarly strong Q1 from Yahoo. Just look to Yahoo's recent behavior for some clues, she says.

There's the audacious Google search partnership, a further opening of Yahoo's platform and yet another rejection letter to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Then, think about how Yahoo's business, "however weaker, follows along the very same tracks" as Google, which turned in impressive first quarter results last week. Also, note that CEO Jerry Yang hasn't been frantically making flights to and from Yahoo's Sunnyvale, Calif. HQ to Microsoft's Redmond, Wash. campus, which you'd expect he'd have to, to finish the deal if Yahoo's Q1 results were that bad.

"Thus, expect sunshine and daisies tomorrow at 5 pm ET" tomorrow, says Swisher, and later, perhaps, a call from Microsoft upping its offer to between $34 and $35 per share. That would settle things. Ballmer, meanwhile, "after making what now feels like a very boneheaded move of threatening to drop the price in his sure-to-be-infamous Saturday tantrum letter, Ballmer has to either fight, take flight or, most likely, pay up," she says.



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