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What Does Your SEO Logo Say About Your Firm?

A logo serves two key purposes for a company--to help establish brand identity, and to give a visual representation of the company's products or services. Ann Smarty reviews a number of search firms' logos to see how well their logos match up with these tasks--with a focus on how they actually describe SEO with their graphic.

For example, SEO Design Solutions uses an arrow that shoots in from the left up through the middle of their logo, which Smarty interprets as showing the growth aspect of SEO (be it growth in rankings or profits). A nice touch, but she recommends having the arrow come in from the right, to make it "more understandable [to U.S. and European people who are believed to think (as well as read) from left to right."

Search Engine People's logo highlights the uniqueness aspect of SEO (the service makes you stand out in the rankings) by showing one silver sphere in the midst of a number of blue ones. Meanwhile, Advance Rankings showcases the quality of its services by placing a star within its logo, and Search Engine Journal (along with Smarty herself) uses a magnifying glass in the logo--a nod to the high level of professionalism or expertise it provides.



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