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The Many Ways Google Keeps Retooling Searcher's Interface

  • PPC Blog, Tuesday, April 22, 2008 1:30 PM
Google's strong first-quarter results showed that the search giant's constant focus on improving core search has been a stellar strategy. Gordon Choi illustrates the many changes that Google has made in recent months to the search user interface, starting with the flexible search box. When searching on, the box extends to fit the size of a user's query.

Meanwhile, Related searches and Related phrases show up at the bottom of the search box, features that Choi says "are certainly for increasing stickiness." The recently launched Site Search also boosts stickiness, as users can search within a brand's domain without leaving And while Sitelinks have been in action for about two years, the giant has tweaked the number of links that actually appear in the past few months.

Choi also notes changes that Google has made to its China-facing site, including links on for vertical searches (images, video, news and maps).



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