Burger King Launches Mobile Game

  • April 23, 2008
Burger King is launching a multi-level game developed by licensee Mobliss, Inc. The game can be downloaded by texting "KING" to 90210 for a monthly subscription fee of $2.99.

Players vie to earn a place in the King's entourage by progressing through a series of challenges within each virtual world. Players have to do things like remember how to make a Whopper, squirt ketchup through the air while navigating through a BK restaurant, the King's mansion and a place called BK City to earn points and unlock advanced levels.

Another part of the virtual-world mobile game, "Flip My Bun," has contestants flipping a bun and matching ingredients to build sandwiches in record time. Fry Assault has virtual employees vying to catch falling French fries and onion rings before time runs out. The company says the game package is compatible with nearly 200 different cellular phone models and is available across a variety of national carriers. The $2.99 monthly subscription fee includes automatic game changes and upgrades.

--Karl Greenberg



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