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Finding Social Media Success For An Atypical Category

While most advertisers have jumped on the social media bandwagon, others--particularly those in the less-sexy verticals--may not be convinced that Facebook, Digg or even a blog can be a viable marketing channel for them. John Ellis uses a fly-fishing instructor as an example of how social media can work for any company.

First, set up a blog that doles out fly-fishing advice. "As an instructional blog, it has a clear focus," Ellis says. "Creating a clear, precise blog is a great way to target customers. Remember it's not the quantity of visitors you want, it's the quality. Five strong customers are better then 100 5-second visits."

Lastly, host a fly-fishing photo contest on Flickr. "Ask for photographs of favorite fly-fishing spots. Then, give away free instructions to the best entries," he says.



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