's Anti-McCain Effort Turns To Facebook

Moveon.orgHoping to turn the attention away from the seemingly never-ending Democratic primary competition and back to the issue that is the organization's real focus--getting a Democrat back into the White Political Action launched a new group on Facebook Thursday.


"Bush & McCain: Can you tell the difference?" was created by Member Service Manager Marika Shaub and is located at: It points to a quiz MoveOn has put together by the same name which is located at

The Facebook group page says that over half-a-million people have tried MoveOn's Bush-McCain Challenge game. The Web site and quiz are part of a month-long anti-McCain campaign the group launched April 30 that argues that Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain is not only similar to Bush--he is worse.



The TV ads are airing in "McCain-friendly" states. MoveOn said in an email to reporters: "Voters need to know Senator McCain would continue President Bush's failed policies--in Iraq and elsewhere. A vote for him is basically a vote for a third Bush term." has said that McCain has gotten a "free ride" while Obama and Clinton fight for the nomination, and they hope the ad campaign will place more attention on the Republican nominee's failings.

The first ad, titled "Mission Accomplished," is part of the $1 million media buy, and marks the 5th anniversary of President Bush's now-famous 2003 "Mission Accomplished" speech. The Democratic National Committee also is running a spot that criticizes the Arizona senator for his stance on the Iraq War.

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