Sadly, They Don't See the Irony

"Just read your article on Green Fashion That's Chic and thought you would be interested in the ‘h' pocket square by Lexus that's featured in the current issue of GQ Magazine!" begins a handwritten note to us from Alyssa Jones of Team One for Lexus. We'd like to point out that the article she's referring to, "Little Green Bag," includes the line "Multinational corporations are quick to swaddle themselves in green garland." Jones helpfully included a copy of the GQ in question. Lexus's four-page ad insert is printed on what appears to be glossy poster board with one page doubled over, glued and stuffed with a pocket square. Then comes the claim that the fabric the handkerchief is made from is "another step in sustainable innovation." Yes, this is the way Lexus celebrates eco-design. No, they are not kidding. 

Alyssa Jones, Team One for Lexus, as told to John Capone

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