Just an Online Minute... Angel Fever

What are you doing this weekend? A huge percentage of the country's answer to the question will probably be, "going to see Charlie's Angels."

Nielsen//NetRatings reports surfers are logging on in droves to preview the release of "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" movie, set to premiere today. A week ago, 636,000 unique visitors from work went to the Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment site. More than 18% of the audience traffic visited the "Charlie's Angels" home page. Additionally, Nielsen//NetRatings AdRelevance data shows that more than 16.7 million ad impressions were served during the week ending June 15th promoting the movie online.

Why is this important? "Content-rich websites are a must-have for movie studios to draw fans in and help build the buzz around the premiere," said Marc Ryan, director and senior Internet analyst, Nielsen//NetRatings. "The online presence ties in with the rest of the marketing campaign, including television commercials, billboards, print ads, and other promotions."



It doesn't hurt that the first movie was such a success. The first "Charlie's Angels" movie's popularity affected Web traffic, television, DVD and music sales. Here are some stats if you're interested in comparing the sequel to the original when the opening weekend data come in.

  • Nielsen//NetRatings data showed movie fans flocked to the Web, with traffic to the Sony Pictures Entertainment site soaring 56% to 1.7 million unique visitors from home and work in November 2000, when "Charlie's Angels" premiered.

  • "Charlie's Angels" grossed more than $40.1 million and claimed the No. 1 ranking during opening weekend, according to Nielsen EDI. The movie topped the box office charts for two weeks straight and grossed $125.3 million during its release in North America.

  • According to Nielsen Media Research, the cable television premiere of "Charlie's Angels" on HBO drew the sixth largest audience in 2002, attracting more than 4.6 million viewers.
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