Seeya in 2013!

Today's session on the future of search really reflected the tone of the entire conference. Our world is changing. For search marketers, our domain is no longer just search. As you'll see when I publish out my final buzz-o-meter on Wed. the 28th, most of the conversation was about topics that can/should be classified as much broader than search.

Accordingly, we had some fun on the Search Insider panel today suggesting alternate names for the Search Insider Summit come 2013, including the plain ole Insider Summit and the Neurological Insider Summit (a nod to Gord's push to get us thinking about how our brains tick).

For now, though, it's back to the real-world and the challenges that face us today.

Thanks to all the attendees for great dialogue over the past 3 days. Thanks to David and Gord for creating a forum for stimulating conversation. And thanks to MediaPost and the sponsors for making it happen. See you in December... 2008.

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