ISPs Selected By Spam Control Effectiveness

ISPs Selected By Spam Control Effectiveness

New survey results presented At the Gartner IT Security Summit 2004 show that despite the effort and expense that Internet service providers (ISPs) are devoting to anti-spam measures, consumers still receive tremendous amounts of unsolicited online content. According to the survey, approximately one of every three online households reported that 75 percent or more of their e-mail was spam.

Betsy Burton, research vice president for Gartner, said "Consumer concern about spam is a significant factor in consumers' choice of an ISP. If another ISP could do a better job of stopping spam at the same price as their current ISP, 11 percent of online households said they would switch to the ISP that was better. Another 42 percent... said they would be more likely to switch than not."

According to the survey:

  • 23 percent of online households believe that their ISP is not at all successful (in controlling spam effectively)
  • 7 percent believe that their ISP is extremely successful.

    Enterprises that use e-mail marketing or list management for mass mailings online are often viewed negatively, as spammers:

  • when their e-mails are not solicited by recipients
  • recipients are not members of a clearly defined target group that matches the e-mail content.

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