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Bad Name, Good Cookie: Hydrox Makes Brief Return

Good news is if you're one of the thousands of Hydrox fans who pestered the Kellogg Co. through phone calls, a petition and chat sites to revive their favorite cookie. The company is bringing the Oreo also-ran back starting in August, if only for a limited time.

Kellogg quietly retired the Hydrox in 2003, conceding to Kraft Food's larger advertising budget and Oreo's superior name recognition. But fans of the Hydrox-which despite perceptions actually predates the Oreo-wouldn't let it go quietly. Their efforts to bring it back made for a Page 1 Wall Street Journal story in January.

But the cookie is not back for good-yet. For now, the Hydrox-which even its fans admit probably suffers from having a name better suited to a toilet cleaner-is bringing it back for a limited time only, and with a slightly different recipe. This time, there will be no trans fats.



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