Catalyst:SF Hosts 'Digital Influentials' Facebook Group

  • May 29, 2008
Catalyst:SF, the "Marketing Capital" firm founded by John Durham and Cory Treffiletti, has launched Digital Influentials ( an invitation-only Facebook Group for client and agency marketing and advertising executives influencing the direction of digital marketing.

"With the rapid changes and the moving target that is Digital Marketing, there needs to be a way to be kept up to speed on what's cool, interesting and new," Durham said.

There are numerous organizations devoted to online marketing and advertising, but the Digital Influentials list focuses on what is over the horizon rather than what is already on the collective radar. Members must be directly involved in online or digital marketing and advertising such as marketing and advertising executives, brand managers, agency directors, independent producers and others.

"Our mission is to further promote the education and knowledge-base of the influential few -- the leaders -- in online and digital marketing," Treffiletti said.

--Tanya Irwin



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