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New 'Hulk' Overcoming Negative Buzz

"The Incredible Hulk," starring Edward Norton, is a franchise reboot for Marvel, which hopes to reinvigorate one of its core brands in the wake of the tepid response to 2003's "Hulk," an oddity from director Ang Lee. When Marvel decided to make a do-over while the original was fresh in the minds of moviegoers, the general reaction was 'Huh?" And response to the first trailer in March was harsh, reinforcing the initial skepticism.

Entertainment Weekly called the computerized effects "totally fake-looking" and visitors at movie message boards piled on. But the tide has turned. Newer trailers and TV ads have been better received, and rave test-screening reviews have popped up at movie sites like Ain't It Cool News.

Marvel has gotten cross-promotional pushes from partners like 7-Eleven, which is selling green Slurpees, and Kmart, which offers "Incredible Dad" gift cards Although the new "Hulk" isn't likely to flex as much box-office muscle as the first one on the opening weekend, Universal believes it will show stronger legs as word of mouth takes hold.



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