CraveOnline Launches Soundcheck Video Series

CraveOnline's has launched Crave Soundcheck, a new video series featuring exclusive performances by independent bands as well as showcasing their non-music interests.

The Crave Soundcheck video series will live on its own dedicated environment on CraveOnline and will include sponsorship elements such as branded intro and end card graphics, and co-branded ads as well as guerrilla marketing and PR opportunities. The first sponsor, AT&T, is signed on through July, said CraveOnline SVP Sales David Cohn. CraveOnline is finalizing deals with several others advertisers that will extend into the fall, he said.

The first of many customizable and ongoing sponsorship opportunities, Crave Soundcheck ( offers bands the opportunity to connect with fans by expressing their real interests, be it sketch comedy, painting, competitive eating or underwater basket-weaving.



Recent Crave Soundcheck episodes include a "Teen Beat" style contest to win a date with the all-girl punk rock band Rocket and sketch comedy segments with bands Shapes of Race Cars, Nico Vega and Pierce the Veil. The exclusive and customized Crave Soundcheck series is currently sold for June and July and anticipates sponsorship every month.

A new embedded video player is featured on Crave Soundcheck, including the capability for advertiser overlays, pre-rolls, and post-rolls as well as user features that make to possible to share the video with a friend or post the link on a social network personal page.

"Crave Soundcheck engages our viewership and is unobtrusive to the user experience," Cohn said. "This program showcases CraveOnline's creative sales integration opportunities to connect branded advertisers with the young male audience."

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