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Hold On, Guys! Search Is Still A Battlefield

Bernard Lunn argues that one giant "Google-killer" may not emerge--but that the giant may eventually be chopped down by a combination of number of smaller, more nimble engines and overarching market forces.

For example, VC's continue to pump money into core search startups--to the tune of sums like the $25 million that Cuill snagged in April. While such strong investment is not what you'd expect in a "consolidated market with one mighty big gorilla sitting on top," Lunn says that innovators will keep trying as long as the money train continues to chug along.

Meanwhile, there's still room to challenge Google in terms of paid and contextual search. "Sellers want cheaper search words to buy," Lunn says. "Publishers want a bigger piece of the cake. Buyers/searchers may even want cash back (we will see if Microsoft's crude tactic, lambasted in the Blogosphere, makes it in the real world)."



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