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Why Bidding For The Top Spot Ain't Always Best

Snagging the No.1 spot in paid search may not be the coup you think it is--particularly if your ad is in a broad category during a high volume-low quality click season. So Noah Belson offers some tips for determining when to bid for the top spot and when to aim for a lower position.

"Though it's always nice to be number one, if you use up your entire daily budget with three clicks, is it really worth it?" Belson says. "When you're managing a limited budget, you may want to set your bids at reasonable levels that will stretch your funds further and allow your ads to display for a longer amount of time throughout the day."

In addition, beware of ego-bidding--or trying to snag top placement in the absence of a worthwhile reward (i.e. conversions). If your budget cup runneth over, you should also avoid bidding to saturation, as taking the top spot for too many keywords could also lead to decreased conversions and a lower overall Quality Score.



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