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Two More Alternative Analytics Programs

Samuel Dean reviews Piwik and Visitorville, two analytics programs that can be used to supplement your existing free or subscription-based platforms.

Piwik is an open-source platform that gets a constant influx of widget-style plug-ins from a group of rabid developers. "And these let you see unusual views of your site data," Dean says. You can add and delete the widgets from your Piwik dashboard to create a customized analytics suite.

Meanwhile, Visitorville offers a unique take on traffic reporting. "Rather than the usual numbers and graphics found in site analytics products, it shows your site traffic within a visual metaphor that looks like a bustling city," Dean says. Google buses arrive, for example, showing the amount of visitor traffic you get from the search giant. The platform also allows you to track AdWords, YSM and e-mail marketing campaigns.



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