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Blog Analytics Spotlight: Length Of Visit Reports

Common site metrics like unique visits and page views aren't sufficient when it comes to determining the effectiveness of a blog. As Mel Carson notes, determining how sticky a blog is, is a much better way of assessing the relevance and stickiness of its content.

Microsoft's adCenter Analytics offers Length of Visit tracking, which "will give you an excellent clue as to whether visitors are finding your content compelling," Carson says. The report can be found under the Visitor Loyalty tab, and displays the number of visits over the given test time, the length of each visit in terms of seconds, and the percentage overall.

For example, one company's blog might show 1,366 visitors (of 1,733 in all) that stayed between 0-10 seconds. That means nearly 80% of all readers left after 10 seconds--not a positive sign in terms of compelling content.



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