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Charting The Growth Of Search Analytics

  • ClickZ, Thursday, June 26, 2008 2:30 PM
Shane Atchinson interviews Richard Zwicky, president and founder of search analytics provider Enquisite, to find out more about the origins of search analytics, and how tools like Enquisite can and should be used as a complement to traditional Web analytics platforms.

Zwicky says that the new focus on more detailed, search-specific data like the geographic performance of particular keywords on an organic level, for example, stems from the fact that search budgets are constantly growing. In addition, the entire practice of search has grown more complicated. More complexity and ever-increasing budgets mean more scrutiny from upper management and a need to show even more accountability. And that's where search analytics platforms come in.

Still, Zwicky maintains that tools like Enquisite aren't meant to replace the other analytics platforms. "Our data is made actionable only when viewed in the context of traditional Web analytics reports and insights," he says. "It complements Web analytics by shedding detailed insight on how search efforts specifically contribute traffic to a site and which specific keywords perform on a site."



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