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Wal-Mart's Logo Getting A Makeover

Wal-Mart will begin replacing logos on the front of its U.S. stores with a new design beginning this fall. Wal-Mart spokesman Kevin Gardner says the change will reflect changes customers already have seen in some store signs and advertisements.

Gardner says he has no other information about the change. However, The Wall Street Journal reports that the new look will include eliminating the hyphen in the company's name, now shown as a star at its more than 3,600 U.S. stores. It reportedly will show the company's name in white letters on an orange background, followed by a small starburst.

The first revamp of the logo since 1992 comes as the retailer continues to tweak its image after facing criticism from union-led groups and local communities across the nation opposed to big-box store developments. In the time since, Wal-Mart has launched a marketing campaign highlighting its environmentally focused practices and efforts to make health care more affordable for customers through a discounted prescription drug program.



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