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IPhone Superiority: It's The Apps, Stupid

As Apple prepares to unveil the 3G iPhone next week, carriers and handset makers are flooding the market with new touchscreen phones. But Read Write Web says the Apple imposters are missing the point: Touchscreen technology isn't what makes the iPhone so special; rather, it's the apps, particularly those that have been developed to take advantage of Safari's functionality on the iPhone.

Indeed, according to RWW, the likes of LG's Voyager, the Samsung Instinct, HTC Touch, LG Vu, and Samsung Glyde won't be able to break the iPhone's stronghold because they have lousy browsers. And aside from being a great browser, Apple's Safari is supported by countless mobile applications of similarly "splendid" functionality and flawless design. "Execution of these applications is in strict accordance with Apple-like standards," RWW says. "There are tons of mobile applications already available that don't require you to download them. And after the WWDC, there are tons more on the way."

There may be more Windows Mobile applications floating around than iPhone apps, but the difference in quality is stark. That said, RWW hopes that other mobile handset makers and carriers are striving to improve their mobile apps, too, otherwise Apple is sure to have hold a monopoly on mobile apps.



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