McDonald's Offers Spy Gear In Happy Meals

  • July 22, 2008
Through Aug 14, kids can collect Spy Gear gadgets, including Secret Wrist Beam, Spy Guard Motion Alarm, Spy Disc Defender, Invisible Message Pen, Rear View Spy Scope and Mobile Message Bot.

The Spy Gear Happy Meal is timed with Wild Planet's 10th anniversary of making spy toys, and precedes the release of the company's first Spy Gear board games, Spy Trackdown and Spy Wire.

The games arrive in stores in late August 2008, the same time that the Spy Video ATV-360(TM) hits shelves. The ATV-360 is a remote-controlled tank that wirelessly transmits real-time video and audio back to the driver's private headset, allowing kids to keep an eye on their stuff from anywhere in the house.--Nina M. Lentini

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