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The Ultimate Usability Test

When it comes to e-commerce, even the most thorough paid search campaigns can't make up for a flawed purchase process. All the traffic that comes in from an ad will likely bounce, making it seem like the search campaign isn't effective. In the case of the MoreVisibility team, a previous client in the cookie business was stumped by sales that weren't meeting ROI expectations.

"Their search engine marketing campaign was great but their cookie sales weren't increasing," says the Campaign Manager. "After some extensive research, my EVP pulled out her credit card and attempted to buy some cookies online. After attempting to buy cookies online for fifteen minutes and still not completing an order, she called the client and asked, 'Have You Bought Your Own Cookies?'"

Getting a client to examine the purchase process through the eyes of the consumer is the ultimate usability test. If their site is buggy, filled with error-riddled content, or worse--the purchase experience actually deters conversions, then they'll be motivated to make (or contract you to make) the appropriate changes.

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