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Comparing Loans Via Google, Not A Bank Web Site

Today's Google search innovation is a new loan comparison widget masquerading as an AdWords ad. Barry Schwartz discovered the tool while running a search on for "secured loans."

The query triggered the Google Merchant Search loan widget (in the top spot, no less), with a drop-down menu that lets users choose their loan amount, as well as the potential APR from four banks. After clicking on the "compare" button, Schwartz was taken to a separate page that featured a number of banks, their credit rating, the typical monthly payment, loan fees and APR range. Users can click "Get Quote" to submit their contact info to each bank they're interested in.

Now the Merchant Search widget could include advertisers on a CPA model (after all, once a user submits their contact info, that's likely a hot lead), but as Loren Baker (editor of Search Engine Journal) notes [ ] , it may actually foretell the demise of the plethora of loan comparison sites in the U.K.

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  1. Jull Sanders from MO Team, April 5, 2014 at 3:47 p.m.

    Google spies, google controls, google rules... Comparing loans via google will without any doubt be convenient for the potential borrowers and provide quite an independent opinion, but for a majority of web-based lending companies, who provide loan-comparison options it will mean losing popularity, not speaking of those services providing just the service of comparison.

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