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Q&A Search Engine True Knowledge Gets $4M

True Knowledge, a search engine developed with the goal of "intelligently answering, in plain English, questions asked on any topic," has raised $4 million in a second round of funding. The European-based engine will use the funds to expand its management team and move to a roll-out within the next 12 months.

Charles Knight argues that True Knowledge stands out from the pack of alternative and even core search engines because of its unique indexing technology.

"Traditionally, search engines use statistical relationships between the words to find documents and web pages that might be relevant to the subject of the search," he says. "But these systems cannot make sense of the content. Rather than try to teach computers to read and understand the thousands of text-based web pages that are produced every hour, True Knowledge neatly side-steps this problem by structuring this knowledge in a way that computers can access."

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