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Google: AOL Not Worth $20 Billion

In an SEC filing, Google confirms what we already knew: AOL is not worth $20 billion. It may be worth half that, or at least that's what various reports claim Time Warner was recently shopping the beleaguered Web giant around for. In the filing, Google says, "Based on our review, we believe our investment in AOL may be impaired."

Indeed, Google bought a 5% stake in the Time Warner company at a valuation of $20 billion in 2005. Optimistically, Google states in its filing that it does not believe the impairment "is other-than-temporary," but still, due to the depreciating value of AOL, the search giant has lost money here.

At the time, Google bought a $1 billion stake in AOL as a defensive move to keep Microsoft from powering AOL search.



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