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Talents To Look For In A Future Search Employee

Figuring out someone's strengths and having them work on projects that maximize those strengths is a win-win for both employers and employees. The employee's morale gets a boost, the employer gets high-quality productivity, and the company is better off. So what strengths should HR managers be looking for in potential search employees?

Search workers should be maximizers obsessed with making things excellent. "This one's a no-brainer for all analytics-based marketing," Brian Carter says. The new addition to your search team should also have a strong ability to focus, be strategic and have a knack for arranging things (like Ad Groups, among other things). They should also have an eye for individualization, be an achiever, and of course, be analytical.

Still, Carter cautions that there probably isn't one set of "best" strengths for both PPC and SEO (i.e. technically oriented paid search analysts and copywriting-oriented organic specialists). And of course, you'll have to assess candidates according to the actual work they'll be doing.



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