The Next Big TV Awards Shows For Your Media Plan Could Come With Chubby Ratings

Your award shows with big ratings are finally here -- whether it's MTV's Video Music Awards next month or ABC's Academy Awards next spring.

Big-time nominations will be the highlight of any marketing campaign that aligns themselves with these shows - especially now that Britney Spears last big-time performance, which was universally ridiculed, debased, and mocked, is up for a best performance award.

Sure, that's the MTV generation for you. At first, you're a friend of MTV, then enemy, then friend again. No matter. If you are a young-skewing advertiser -- movie, beverage, candy bar, cell phone, or face cleaner -- hop on board. You can't lose.

You also won't be losing on next year's Academy Awards. Finally, after years of independent, small-box-office-revenue movies like "No Country for Old Men," and the like, getting big nominations, you now have a really big box office hit and critically acclaimed movie, Warner Bros.' "The Dark Knight."

The Academy must be licking its lips over this one. Not since "Titanic," a major box office film, which won the Best Picture in 1997, has a big film been on target to win some major gold statuettes -- and an Oscar show that pulls big ratings the way the year of the "Titanic" did.

(Hey, General Motors, we hear this is all bad timing, that after years of being a major sponsor in the Oscars, you have decided to save some gas money. Hello, Toyota!)

One might say the big difference is that "The Dark Knight" truly deserves the accolades, while Britney deserves... well, an award for being Britney. Will the Jonas Brothers be pissed if they lose to Britney? Not as long as this is a true award show, one where entertainment marketing always wins the day.  

But to you as a TV advertiser -- does it matter? Take that content that arrives at your media agency and use it to your best advantage. Choose either a no-frills, way-less-special-effects movie in the form of "The Dark Knight" -- or a lip-synching, slightly chubby, but lovable Spears.

Both are dressed in black -- and a media plan for each will put you into the black



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