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Penalty-Free Keyword Stuffing

  • SEOmoz , Tuesday, August 19, 2008 1:30 PM
This reader-generated article focuses on keyword stuffing--and how a page that has been pumped with 254 iterations of the term "worlds greatest SEO" has still not been penalized by Google. In fact, the page ranks #1 for the term "worlds greatest SEO," which highlights the ambiguity within Google rankings.

Darren Slatten developed a Web site as a gag, aiming for top rankings for the term "worlds greatest SEO." "I chose this phrase because it amuses me... plus it has virtually zero search traffic, and therefore, zero competition," he said. "In other words, simply using that phrase in my home page's title tag was enough to get into Google's top 10."

But somehow, his SEOmoz profile began ranking higher for the coveted term than the site, and so Slatten sought to sabotage his profile through keyword stuffing. The goal was to get the profile penalized and purged from the rankings--which would propel his Web site back into the top spot. Problem is, there's been no penalty thus far. And while the premise of Slatten's experiment is silly, it does call into question just what makes one site worthy of being banned over another.



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