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SES San Jose Spotlight: Video Search Optimization Tips

Barry Schwartz (aka RustyBrick) recaps the video search optimization panel, which was filled with stats and examples from case studies. For instance, Greg Jarboe found that maximizing a video's usefulness on YouTube stemmed from making it both searchable and shareable--as well as tweaking the videos that surround it.

Jarboe alluded to a recently posted Allen Iverson workout video that had garnered nearly 37,000 views as of August 8--only 13% of which came from search. The majority of the other views came from somewhere else. "In this case, they came from related videos. People don't watch 'a' video, they watch batches," he said. "They are addictive. They came from other Allen Iverson videos--they came and saw more. This is 'related video optimization.'"

Other panelists included eLocal Listing's Stephen Espinosa, who advocated building a landing page for every video that you post/produce. "Optimize the page with the tags, content keywords and file name," he said. "Use a constant video description that is keyword rich across all sites."



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