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Using The AdWords Keyword Tool For Blog Titles, Topics

If you're developing blog content for SEO's sake, then Darren Rowse has some tips for using the AdWords Keyword Tool to help develop search-friendly blog titles and post topics. He also explains how to use the tool to find out which blog posts may garner the most advertiser attention (as determined by the volume of advertisers bidding on specific words and variations).

"It is worth stating that using the AdWord Keyword Tool to help you choose keywords for your blog will have different impacts upon different blogs - depending upon how well they already rank on Google," Rowse says. "If your blog is new you might not notice much difference in the traffic no matter what keywords you use (simply because your blog is yet to build a ranking in Google yet) - however in time, as your blog accumulates links from other blogs and sites, it will certainly pay off."



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