Old Orchard Using Social Media For Low-Sugar Lines

Healthy BalanceMany diabetics and other health-conscious consumers have discovered the low-sugar Healthy Balances fruit juice cocktails line. In fact, it's already the leading low-sugar brand.

But maker Old Orchard is now looking to better capitalize on the product's appeal to these segments--and to drive awareness of its new Fruitsense Vitamin Waters.

Healthy Balance's new "Fit for Lifestyle" campaign seeks to use social media and other touchpoints to reach people with diabetes and those on restricted diets. In addition, its new packaging draws greater attention to the juices' nutritional content. Healthy Balance has six grams of sugar per eight-ounce glass, and nearly 40% fewer calories and carbohydrates than its leading competitor's "light" juice line, according to Old Orchard.

A new Healthy Balance-branded, health-focused Web site ( features a blog for volunteer organizers of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International fund-raising events. Old Orchard will be providing free samples of Healthy Balance to participants at more than 100 "Walk to Fund a Cure Diabetes" JDRF events across the U.S. this fall.



The site also features blogs by a dietician and a fitness expert, recipes, fitness tips, health calculators ... and ads for the new Fruitsense waters. That line is 5% fruit juice and low-glycemic, and has 45 calories per serving.

Healthy Balance will also get higher visibility via a national FSI in newspapers on Sept. 7 and national magazine ads through the end of the year.

"We get a lot of emails from people living with diabetes who tell us that Healthy Balance is the only fruit juice they've found that fits their diet," says Kevin Miller, Old Orchard's vice president of marketing. "We want to eliminate the guesswork by placing nutrition information up front, and at the same time create a peer-to-peer space online for those seeking healthier food choices outside of the juice category."

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