Organic, Inc - Jeep Patriot

  • by August 25, 2008
Organic, Inc
Jeep Patriot
Finalist Automotive

Sam Cannon, Group Creative Director; Erika Sherman, Information Architect; Adam Wilson, Creative Director; Dan Gustafson, Developer; Sean Rhodes, Art Director; Robert Lerchenfeld, Developer; Cory Pampalone, Film Editor; John Schuchard, Editor; Trevor Naud, Writer; Mike Dawson, Analytics; Jayson Szott, Writer; Mike White, Engineering

Combine the blair witch Project, Deliverance and The Mystery of Edwin Drood, and you get a quirky Web campaign for Jeep's Patriot crossover vehicle. The webisode series, "Way- Beyond Trail" had a back-back-back-back woods feel that touted the vehicle's offroad and functional capabilities by making it a co-star in a 44-part video adventure. The effort, by Jeep's digital agency, Organic, featured a trio (quartet if you include "you") traipsing around the back-woods in a Patriot, looking for a lost treasure. It garnered 700,000 visitors, 45,000 repeat visitors, with 84,000 visiting after visiting the "Way Beyond Trail" Web site. Most important, over 80 percent of visitors to the "Way Beyond Jeep" site were new to the brand.

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