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Report: U.S. To Become Leader In Mobile Web Usage

  • Adweek, Tuesday, August 26, 2008 11:15 AM
The U.S. has long lagged behind European countries in mobile Web usage, but according new research, the U.S. is poised to take the top spot for mobile Web usage by the end of the month, signaling a sea change in mobile users' consumption habits.

In July, Bango, which provides mobile Web access platforms for Web sites, reported that the UK was ranked first in mobile Web usage, accounting for almost 19.4% of total usage, followed by the U.S., 18.9%, India, 10.8%, South Africa, 8.8%, and Indonesia 4.1%. However, Adam Kerr, Bango's VP of North America, reveals that in recent weeks, U.S. usage has grown 4%, compared to 1% for the UK, which would give the U.S. a 23% share of total mobile usage, versus 20% for the UK.

Kerr attributes the increase to U.S. mobile carriers building out their 3G wireless networks, which facilitate the faster exchange of mobile Web data. By contrast, mobile users in Europe have had access to 3G networks for years. Kerr adds that newer handsets like Apple's iPod also offer higher quality music and video.



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