McKinney - Virgin Mobile, "Promiscuous Text"

  • by August 26, 2008
Virgin Mobile, "Promiscuous Text"
Finalist Viral Campaign

McKinney: Jonathan Cude, chief creative officer; Ellen Steinberg, group creative director; Jenny Nicholson, copywriter; Maari Thrall, account director; Tom Hickey, media director; Amy Baker, associate media director; Amanda Cameron, media supervisor; Mandy Murawsky, media planner; Josh Eggleston, senior producer; Nicole Kuhnlein, producer; Melissa Blavos, producer; Jim Russell, director of interactive strategy; John Newall, group account director; Walker Teele, account director; David Griffith, director account planning; Walt Barron, senior account planner; Anne Newton, account executive; Shawn Covely, director interactive production; Clive Sweeney, programmer; Andy Zupko, programmer; David Yuan, interactive production artist; Talya Fisher, project manager; Megan Dawson, assistant producer; Christie Perkinson, assistant producer; Erin Gurdziel, editor. Green Card Pictures: Nick and Ben, directors; Emily Wiedermann, executive producer; Aaron Philips, director of photography. Oasis Technology Partners. Activa Live Chat

Valentine's day already has its fair share of commercial advertising. But that didn't stop Virgin Mobile from getting in on the action. The company promoted its unlimited text messaging service through "promiscuous text," offering live, sexy operators for users to text with. Online banners (featuring a secretary, plumber, fireman and housewife), stickers, a Twitter feed and videos drove customers to a microsite that housed steamy videos, along with a link to the Virgin Mobile Web site to sign up for unlimited texting. About 350,000 videos were viewed; 100,000 live chats between consumers and live operators took place; and Virgin Mobile sold out of the Kyocera phone used in the campaign.

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