Technorati Acquires

  • August 27, 2008
Blog search technology company Technorati has acquired, an online community of bloggers and a full-service news and reviews source.

The property hosts a community of more than 2,000 bloggers and authors who contribute hundreds of articles every week: news, opinions, and product reviews across entertainment, technology and politics. The site also provides bloggers with an entry point to publish their content to a much broader audience than their own blogs afford.

"As part of Technorati Media, we'll be able to grow the community and further improve our platform to attract new audiences," said Eric Olsen, founder of Blogcritics. "Technorati's mission to help bloggers and people who read blogs is the ideal complement for us."

In addition to devoting resources to scaling the property and its operations, Technorati Media will seek to work more closely with Blogcritics authors so they can monetize their own blogs. Advertisers will benefit by the ability to run more fully integrated programs across the site and its related blogs. --Tanya Irwin

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