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  • by August 27, 2008
Merkle Inc.
Corporate Express
Finalist Standalone E-mail

Anne Alden, creative director; Ed Nepomunceno, art director; Eric Mees, copywriter; Terry Wilson, editor; Nicole Bull, production design/HTML development; Colleen Petitt, senior account director

E-way, an e-commerce component of corporate Express, a business-to-business supplier of office products, was in search of a way to remind customers of orders they may have abandoned in a forgotten shopping cart. In a one-two punch, it also aimed to build awareness of other products and special offers. To rope those forgetful consumers back in, the company sent an automated e-mail with a light-hearted use of office supply imagery and dynamic messaging specific to each customer. The campaign averaged a click-through rate of 19 percent and an open rate of more than 40 percent.

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