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As Economy Sours, Consumers Clip More Coupons

A new study that polled nearly 1,400 consumers online finds that 72% are using more coupons than they did six months ago and three quarters of them say the economy made them do it. Most -- 81% -- use coupons for grocery items.

Newspaper and magazines are currently the primary source of coupons for 51% of consumers. But 39% say they want to receive their future coupons via direct mail; 26% say e-mail -- either direct or through newsletters - and 16% prefer Web sites. Newspapers trail with 14%. Eighty percent say they would be very likely or likely to increase their use of coupons if they could be tailored to their interests and delivered online.

"The one thing that really surprised me about this study was how many people wanted to receive their coupons via direct mail and how many others wanted some form of web delivery," says Jere Doyle, CEO and founder of Prospectiv, the consumer packaged goods consultancy that conducted the study.



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