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Search And Save Rainforests At The Same Time

Forestle is an alternative search engine that's green at heart, as the company purchases and protects rain forests with the profits generated from each query.

"It costs around $200(US) to buy one acre (4,047 m² or 4,840 yd²) of rain forest," says Rafi. "On average Forestle earns around 0.5 US cents per search. Thus, you can save about 0.1 square meter (0.11 yd²) of rainforest with every search at Forestle."

And while that may not seem like much on its own (it's about the size of an average computer screen), the average Internet users does about 1,000 searches annually--meaning a single person could save more than 100 square meters of rainforest every year by using Forestle. The company even developed a toolbar plugin so that users don't have to go to every time they want to search.



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