The World is in My Pocket

Getting older is never easy. It is a painful process that strips an individual of their youthful exuberance and relegates them to the big table, where grand discussions take place. I happen to kinda like the big table. I like the grand discussions, but more than anything I like diversity in opinion and point of view.

Where am i going with this you ask? Straight to my smart phone and my Google news. I am addicted to the mobile web. I tend to spend more time on the mobile web than the mobile phone. My old Blackjack is the key that turns my life at this point. Email,sports, news . . . all in the palm of my hand.

Having spent the last two years in the New York City metro area, I realized how much of a friend my phone had become. It kept my company on trains and buses, and especially on those long walks. All the while inundating me with news and other information. Our relationship had gotten to a point where it was an irritant to others. We would gaze at each other longingly.

Now that I am back in the midwest and back in school, our relationship continues to prosper . . . but will this love affair last?

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