Goodby, Silverstein & Partners - Adobe CS3

Finalist - Business Media

Goodby, Silverstein &
Partners-Adobe CS3

Sidney Bosley, strategy director, executive producer; Jim Coudal, producer; Dharnesh Kaur, communication strategist; Ben Cafuir, junior communication strategist; Joshua Spanier, communication strategy department head

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners built a competition around social media to promote Adobe's Creative Suite 3. "Layer Tennis" challenged creative professionals to create a piece of art and pass it to a competitor, who would modify it and send it back - 10 volleys total in a virtual stadium. A commentator provided play-by-play, explaining which Adobe features were used, while the audience posted comments and voted for a winner in each match. Interactive banners promoted Adobe's "Creative License" theme. The contest, promoted entirely through word-of-mouth, drew more than half a million viewers over the course of the "season." The revenue jump year-over-year in the third quarter was 36 percent ahead of where CS2 had been at the same point in its sales cycle.

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