Initiative - Lionsgate/Mad Men

Finalist - Business Media

Initiative-Lionsgate/Mad MenLionsgate: Anne Parducci, executive vice president; John Nuzzi, executive vice president, managing director; Tom Siebert, vice president, director, corporate communications; Dave Rosner, vice president, director, innovations. Ad Age: Allison Arden, publisher.

The promotion of the DVD launch of the first season of Mad Men managed to boost multiple brands. Initiative and Lionsgate partnered with Crain Communications and Advertising Age to produce a faux issue of the magazine. The retro issue included real stories from the 1960s alongside fictional stories about Sterling-Cooper, the agency at the center of Mad Men. The magazine also showcased ad execs who really worked on Mad Ave during the period in which Mad Men is set, reminiscing about its golden age.

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