OMD - Hershey's

OMD-Hershey'sFinalists - Television

OMD: Matt Mansour, associate director, print; Sharon Cullen, director of investment; Lisa Zaleski, strategist; Laurent Savett, strategist; Ed Gorman, account director. Green Room Entertainment: Rochelle Lichtman, director of entertainment marketing; Guy McCarter, managing director; Arnold Lynn Power, president. Hershey's: David Forney, advertising services director.

Century-old Hershey's was perceived as just that: a company mired in yesteryear. OMD set out to give it a makeover, a modern image. The agency had no interest in baby steps, boldly choosing Bravo's Project Runway for the initiative. The series is one of the hottest on TV among urban, female trendsetters. It's a long way from handing out minis in the suburbs during Halloween. In the integration, designers rummaged through the Hershey's store in Times Square, gathering as much candy and branded items as they could for material. Hershey's products were shown throughout the episode - including an impressive dress created out of Twizzlers - but the frantic foraging was key. It featured somewhat forgotten brands prominently in the most contemporary of media environments.

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