Animated Spots Sell Honda Fit To Young Urbanites

Honda ad spotThe 2009 model of Honda's hot-selling Fit subcompact is getting a new ad push that focuses on fuel efficiency with lighthearted, computer-animated TV spots. The effort also includes co-branded ads, and a first-ever roadblock by an automaker on

Via Santa Monica, Calif.-based RPA, the campaign includes co-branded Fit/CW Channel short-form creative to support a national sweepstakes, and a microsite launching next month that includes a cinematic game featuring the characters in the TV spots.

Three TV spots, keeping the "Fit is Go!" tag, will air during NFL games and on appointment-viewing network TV shows. The ads make fun of gas-guzzling cars with visual metaphors based on old American cars from the 60s and 70s. In each ad, the Fit escapes being "attacked" by the carnivorous vehicles.



In one spot, the gas-guzzling cars are mosquitoes zooming about over a highway--lighting on tankers, cars, and trucks, and sucking the fuel out of them. But they can't catch the Fit. The ad touts the car's 33 mpg rating. In another ad, an old car with exaggerated fins is a shark prowling city streets. When the shark approaches an intersection at which a Fit has arrived, all the other cars dash for cover. But the Fit, confronted by the shark, expands like a porcupine fish, scaring it away.

"The messages are pretty close to what we have done before--focusing on fuel efficiency and interior space and fun-to-drive aspects," says Curt Johnson, VP, associate creative director of Art at RPA. "But I'd say the tone in this launch is more aggressive." He says the target consumer is a younger, nonconformist, metropolitan consumer.

The 10-second, co-branded Fit/CW spots direct viewers to to enter to win one of five 2009 Honda Fits. Co-branded promotions on will drive traffic to the microsite. The short ads will air on CW's "Gossip Girl," "90210," "America's Next Top Model," "Smallville" and "Everybody Hates Chris."

Honda is doing similar efforts on NBC. Later this fall, co-branded ads promote the Fit and the premiere of the network's "30 Rock."

At, Fit will be the category-exclusive sponsor of "Vault," where MTV aggregates past and present music videos. Users will be able to make video playlists, share videos with friends and embed them on social network profiles.

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