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Title Tags That Serve Both SEO And Marketing Types

Ian Lurie serves up a bevy of title tag suggestions that will please both SEOs (that want keywords and the ensuing search engine visibility) and marketing types (that want the company name and the ensuing brand visibility).

For example, you could put the "product name " and "company name" in the title tag. "If you're selling products and you know your customers search for the product names, put the product name first, then the company name," Lurie says. "Unless the product name is 125 characters long, in which case you have a whole other problem."

You can also plug in a "custom title" and then the "company name," which works best if you have a fairly robust content management system. Another option would be to make a snappy tagline your title tag. "Come up with a great selling phrase like 'Buggy repairs while you wait'," he says. "You work in the keywords and might talk the VP of marketing into leaving your title tag alone."

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