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Track (And Improve) Your Blog's Quality Content With DeliciousCount

The latest WordPress plugin aims to help bloggers track the quality of their resource posts (or articles based on facts and research, as opposed to entertainment or sensational news) by analyzing their impact on social bookmarking site Delicious.

"The plugin displays the number of Delicious saves of each post in a blog in a user friendly 'summarized' format," Quipp says. Users can sort results by date, post title or by number of Delicious save. According to Quipp, there are a number of benefits to using the plugin. For example, a company could track which posts garner the most saves over time, deconstruct them to tease out the best aspects and then apply the "best practices" to all future posts. He also says that companies can use the tool to help gauge blogger performance.

"Something saved a few hundred times is obviously more of a resource than something with no saves," Quipp says. "It's not perfect since not everyone uses Delicious, but it is a great relative measure, and the single best metric to track progress over time."

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