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PopGist: A Spinout Of Yahoo BOSS

Yahoo's BOSS open source search platform has been lauded by many in the industry as a tool that will help advance the progress of search, simply because it allows developers to tinker with algorithms (and their ensuing results) to create customized search experiences. One of the latest BOSS-inspired creations is PopGist, and Frederic Lardinois calls it one of the "more interesting" applications he's seen.

"PopGist blends search results with Techmeme-like discussion sections that list related stories from other sites," Lardinois says. A search for Google Chrome, for example, will include reviews from major blogs, while a search for a startup would likely include links to its profile on properties like TradeVibes or CrunchBase. "At its best, PopGist can become a one-stop search engine for researching a company or a product and save you a lot of time and energy, as you won't have to try multiple search queries to get relevant results," he says.

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