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Using Recon To Give Yourself A Unique Search Angle

Carrie Hill explains how to use competitive reconnaissance to give yourself (or your client) a unique advantage when it comes to search, using a hypothetical example. "Let's pretend I live in Phoenix, it's mid-August, and my air conditioning breaks on a Friday afternoon," Hill says. "The news says it will be a record heat weekend and I need service right away."

During her online search, she finds that the top-ranked company doesn't highlight its 24-hour service hotline, while another competitor's IYP listing has seemingly expired. Other AC companies err in featuring too many numbers to call in their Google Onebox listing or a nonfunctional 10% off coupon.

Hill says that these shortfalls highlight key angles for her client, including a strong, easy-to-type (and remember) URL, posting the 24-hour emergency number on the homepage (possibly with a click-to-call option), a mobile friendly interface, as well as links to consumer reviews.

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